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3-d at Whipsnade

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Today, I visited my place of choice, Whipsnade Tree Cathedral. Here there is serenity, nature, peace!  Delineated spaces each with their own unique character, minor-places and spaces in one overarching place. I wanted to connect, to find the ‘space between’, the space between my human-ness and nature. What is that space? What happens in that space?

I prefer to call it a space of dynamic agency, a transactional space, a conversation full of energetic interplay. The space between is abundant with possibility, a three-dimensional space, rich and plentiful … a delight of the senses … sounds, textures, the textures of light, elements … trees, wind, grass, leaves. There are so many ways that I can connect in this space of dynamic agency, if I can get out of the way of myself.



Intruding thoughts challenge my energetic interplay with place, making me retreat into monochrome world – my head. I struggle to remain present in a place of multiple presences and the 360 degree ‘being-ness’ of place and me. My head feels like a lonely, isolating place within this generous place … offering me new perspectives, almost to the point of overwhelment. What to choose? How to choose?

I decide not to choose, but simply to …. let go, soaking in the abundance, immersing myself in it all.

thumb_img_0496_1024Opening out from the small space in my head and bathing in the presentness of presence.

“In this place, I am transformed … maybe being with nature is cathartic … after all, what matters here … except the aliveness of it all” (Field notes  – Sept 2016)



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