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Dance Research

I am currently a PhD candidate at the Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE) at Coventry University investigating the process of body immersion and place making at places of significance.

Current practices

WalkSpeak – this is a new practice which seeks to unlock, challenge, provoke unfolding and in-the-moment thought processes in action. I like walking, it is flow in action, when I am active my thoughts flow and new ideas can unfold and emerge moment by moment. Speaking whilst walking allows thoughts to unfurl, without waiting for the hand to write, speaking is more instantaneous. Vocalising is another method of actualising and documenting thought in action. I find the process and the practice liberating and transformative.

Conversing with Places – this practice seeks to reveal the self (selves) in place (places), revealing connections to place, inhabitation, finding the self (selves) in place and finding resonance with different places.