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This short study on BaIMG_0032rafundle beach in Pembrokeshire 2015, investigated the potential for the body to inscribe and imprint in sand and air. In considering the earth as a surface on which we walk, runs and travel … this investigation considers the tangible traces left behind … the record of time and place … of existence.

How do we leave trace … we are here … we were there. The transience of our brief moment on the beach is erased by the tidal sea. The traces were made with the whole body … for  a brief moment in time I was present in this place.



Inscribing the place is just one step to connecting with place on a corporeal level. Can it be said that I become attuned to the place, that I engage on a different level, when I consciously inscribe it and imprint myself into the surface of the sand?

At this point I am also conscious of the texture, temperature and feel of the sand on my skin, the subtle differences of working on the warm malleable soft sand and the contrast of working on the cooler, firm sand. What are the differences in the traces I can make and how do those traces reside in my body? What associations can be made with working in a beach place… memories…emotions…thoughts and associations…how are these recalled…how does it effect the dance?



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