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Rock woman

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In June 2016, I was honoured to work with Suprapto Suryodarmo ‘Prapto’, a skilled Javanese movement practitioner. A group of us were staying at Bantham in Devon and worked with Prapto for three days, on the beach , in the garden, on the rocks to create our own responses to the elements. There were some beautiful  responses from so many perspectives; finding ancestral lineage through the earth, conversing with rock (where rocks had once been connected). My response was of finding the Goddess of the rock “I stand like a warrior goddess, surveying the land, controlling the wind and waves” (Field notes – June 2016). Below are the programme notes for the performance at Bantham.

I surrender somewhere between earth and sky,

I breathe the rock, the wind, the sea and it becomes me …..

We sing together

I am….

my body receives and is being received

evolving and emergent … here.



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